When you have a lot of disposable income, why wouldn't you make bets with your similarly rich friends. Rappers seem to be constantly challenging one another, and depending on the rapper, it can be for some insane sums of money.

Drake and The Game, while both very successful artists in their own right, decided to keep things "humble" with their bet on the recent Wisconsin/Kentucky game in the NCAA tournament.

While 6 grand may not exactly be a "humble" bet for you and I, Drake was pretty quick to hand over his due in cash after Kentucky lost the game. Both rappers documented the wager on Instagram, with Game revealing that part of his reasoning for picking Wisconsin was their red jerseys (of course), and Drake decided to take his L with a humble brag, writing, "congrats to @losangelesconfidential for taking some money off my hands. Not many ppl can".

Check out their respective posts below.