Drake's social media usage is essentially limited to Instagram these days, although he does have a Twitter account. His Twitter is primarily used to promote his music or other types of ventures. The rapper recently took to Instagram after logging into to his Twitter account for the first time in forever and shared some knowledge while revealing some old DM convos he had with some of the biggest celebrities in the game.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

"Logged into my twitter today and got a quick reminder that time is in full flight...a lot of blessings to be aware and appreciative of for so many of us...take a quick moment to digest the progression in your life no matter how small or large. Then get back to it 💪🏽," Drake captioned his Instagram post. The rapper shared a series of screenshots of conversations he had with Trey Songz -- who told Drake to hit him on BBM, just in case you were wondering how old these DMs are -- as well as Kevin Durant and Tristan Thompson. 

Drake also shared a conversation he had with his friend-turned-rival, Kendrick Lamar as well as a brief conversion with the late A$AP Yams. A conversation with the infamous Paris Morton was included in the post which showed Drizzy shooting his shot with her. Many of these conversations have a time stamp from around 2011-2013.

Peep the post below.