As we've seen, Meek Mill's claims that Drake doesn't write his own lyrics has basically all of hip-hop up in arms today. Everyone and their grandmother seems to have taken a stance on the situation, whether it's picking a side or claiming the beef as good/bad. Drake is typically silent on these kinds of issues, so we're not surprised that he hasn't hopped on twitter to clear the air publicly.

Nonetheless, he tends to have subtle ways of responding to beef, and true to form, it looks like he did on Instagram. First, battle rapper Hitman Holla posted a screenshot from a conversation he had with Drizzy through DMs. In response to the allegations circulating, Hitman Holla DM'd Drake saying, "I see da foolishness, you know me & Showw not buying it.. U our guy keep killing u motivate niggas like us!" He also added some lyrics from "5 AM In Toronto" for good measure. Drake replied with a slew of prayer hand emojis as well as this simple message: "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it."

In another part of Instagram world, Drake apparently Liked a video Skepta's affiliate posted, that showed KreptPlayDirty covering Meek Mill's magazine issue with that of Skepta's. A twitter user grabbed a screenshot of that, as you can see below.

View the Instagram posts in question below too. Do you think we'll see a more direct response from the 6 God?

 [via Complex]