The combination of Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem seemed unobtainable on paper. Primarily due to the inclusion of Eminem, who at the time tended to be reserved with his features, sticking primarily to in-house Shady/Aftermath collaborations. Perhaps it was the influence of Lil Wayne, with whom he struck up a collaborative rapport at the time. Regardless of how each member was summoned to action, the team was assembled, marking one of the most ambitious crossover events in contemporary hip-hop history.

Upon its release, "Forever" became an instant hit, a natural successor to the likes of "Swagger Like Us" in sheer prestige. Given the pedigree involved, healthy competition was to be expected - luckily, each rapper makes sure to bring their relative A-Game, and nobody looks foolish as a result. The unenviable task of setting it off is left to the then-newcomer, a fresh-faced Drake, still peddling his signature brand of Young Money punchline delivery. Yeezy's second verse has since emerged as a frontrunner favorite, fuelled by a charisma long-thought buried and hilarious, slightly corny (albeit endearingly so) punchlines.

Weezy's "Martian" greeting has aged equally gracefully, a reminder of a legend in the midst of a second, or third, or fourth prime; he really has been in the game for a minute. And handed the coveted closing slot is Slim Shady himself, following the murderous rampage of Relapse with a notably accent-free assault. It should be noted that Em's use of the double-time flow was a relatively new development, and thus it was met with an excitement that has since dulled today. For many, Em sealed the victory with his confident lap, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him take the crown. Yet the beauty of "Forever" is that each verse has merit, and one's favorite may very well have shifted over time. 

In honor of this iconic posse cut, take a moment to vote on your pick for the strongest verse: was it Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, or Eminem