Would anybody be upset if Drake released a brand new album this week? Probably not. In fact, the project would likely shoot up to the top of the charts with a good portion of music fans downloading it without thinking twice. There are currently rumors flying around that the Canadian superstar plans to drop a new body of work before the end of the year and while those are still unconfirmed by the rapper, he is starting to tease his fans with the prospect of new music. However, his claims are just not that veritable.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Attending DJ Carnage's party this weekend with a slew of other famous guests, Drake tried to boost the producer's follower count on social media by joking about his upcoming album. He uploaded a video onto his story, joking about his next musical project and its length.

"If you guys follow @carnage I will drop a 85 track album," wrote Drizzy Drake online this weekend. He's certainly joking but that didn't stop people from actually going to follow the producer on his own page. Drake's influence knows no bounds and when an album is at stake, people will do whatever to get their hands on it.

If an 85-song Drake album was released soon, would you be checking it out or is that just too intense for you?