Just like most artists and celebrities, Drake is no stranger to lending out his star power to businesses. He’s been linked to companies like Sprite, AT&T, and Nike in the past, and now he’s reportedly in talks with BlackBerry to promote the company’s next big thing.

According to TechCrunch, Blackberry has called on the Toronto rapper to help launch the new BlackBerry Classic for its November release. The smartphone is described as a “kind of a mashup of the current BlackBerry Q10 and the Bold 9900″. We know that Drake is a fan of Blackberry's too. He’s been spotted using the 9900 recently and in the past he's claimed to have written all of his raps on the smartphone as well. 

As part of the promotion, BlackBerry will say that Drake was involved in the design process of the new smartphone. However, TechCrunch notes that the deal is not finalized and could still fall through.

Let it be noted that BlackBerry is a Canadian company, and we all know how Drake likes to rep for the home team. So this could very well be true after all.

If so, will you be trying out the new Blackberry?