Appearing as a video on the Instagram accounts of Drake as well as @WelcomeOVO, an announcement has been made today, that an OVO pop-up shop is coming to New York City sometime very soon. The video itself features gritty black-and-white shots of downtown Manhattan at nighttime, and concludes with the OVO symbol illuminated in the night sky a la batman.

If the details of the video are to be taken to heart, it looks like the pop-up shop is going to be on Canal Street, or somewhere in that general China Town district. A Drake pop-up shop in New York is bound to be crazy. Don't forget that this is a man who just this summer, sold out Madison Square Garden four times, sold out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn twice, and sold out the Prudential Center in Newark another two times. New York <3 Drake.

Check out Champagne Papi's IG post below.