After having worked together for so many years now, there is no denying the friendship between Drake and producer Boi-1daBoth men have a vast appreciation for basketball and video games so it's no surprise that Boi-1da would attempt to merge those passions together. Yesterday, Boi-1da took to Instagram where he announced he would become a character in NBA 2K20 and could be found in the popular "Park" mode. His character looks hyper-realistic and fans were excited about the announcement.

"I am pleased to announce I have officially partnered up with @nba2k," Boi-1da wrote. "I’m back this year on #2K20 to hand out more L’s in the Park. Shoutout my bro @Ronnie2k for the immaculate scan (again)!! See you all on the court."

Not one to pass up on an opportunity to get a joke off, Drake chimed in with some trollery for his friend. Looks like Drake was just trying to keep him humble the next time he thinks he's nice out on the court.

"Lol literally the only time you will ever get buckets," Drake wrote. Boi-1da never replied to the comment but we like to think he just laughed to himself about the whole thing. Fans seemed to think the interaction was hilarious and we can only imagine these two playing 2K against each other in the future.