From buddying up with DeMarcus Cousins to the airball heard around the world, Drake's proud fandom of the University of Kentucky Wildcats is well-documented. With that being said, it was only right that the rapper make an appearance at the University's annual Big Blue Madness event this weekend. Helping to kick off the Wildcats season, Drizzy made a speech following the debut of a new entrance video from the team.

"What's going on everybody, my name is Drake. I was here a long time ago, I think it was 2009, when coach first brought me out here. It was one of the best experiences of my life," he said, showing off a "Kentucky Dad" sweater. "This family right here. You're a special, special group. The energy in Lexington really comes from each and every one of you who fill this building every night. It's truly incredible. I told coach I wanted to come back, and he made it happen for me this year. People ask me 'it's so Madnesses going on and so many events. Why don't you go anywhere else. I tell them I'm a Wildcat through and through and there's only one Big Blue, baby."

In closing, the rapper made a request that he be invited back for a very special event. "I ask one thing this year," he said. "Coach, you have to make it happen this year. I want everybody to witness this. I just ask that before the school year's over, you allow me to come into the building and do a free show for all the students, just one."

As was expected, the crowd went wild at the suggestion of a free Drake show. While nothing has been made official, Drake's request read more like an announcement.

Watch some clips from his visit to UK below. Read up on the history of Drake's love for Kentucky basketball, including that airball, here.