With hundreds of millions of streams across all platforms and sold-out shows wherever he's gone over the last few years, there's no better person to hear some words of encouragement from than Drake. I mean, if Drizzy is feeling what you're doing, does it get any better than that? For an accurate answer, you might want to ask Cardi B, who received some sage advice, along with a huge compliment, from one of the biggest music superstars on the planet.

In a video that shows the two of them backstage at Drake's recent edition of OVO Fest in Toronto, where he brought out Cardi as a surprise guest performer. Cardi's riding quite the wave of momentum right now, cracking the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart for the first time ever, and the More Life rapper took notice before she went out on stage. "I'm proud of you," he said, before giving her props for all she's accomplished because, as he added later on, she's just been herself. She hasn't pretended to be someone else or constructed some facade that could be easily be seen as fake - what you see is what you get with Cardi.

The video is dark, but you can definitely see her beaming as Drake says those words, basking in the glow of the adulation from rap's brightest star of the moment. Anyone who doubts Cardi B now, but know she has Mr. Graham's seal of approval.