It's always interesting when an artist decides to show off their closet. Sure, we get to see their fashion choices when there out and about at awards shows or concerts or other types of outing but, it's much more interesting to see what they have for regular gear when their stylist isn't handing them a bunch of clothes to try on. Drake's been a polarizing figure in the fashion world. Some people love the gear he rocks while many others aren't the biggest fans. He hit up Instagram to show off his threads before heading on tour.

In a short Instagram story post, Drake decided to show off his closet before he headed out on tour. In the short clip he posted, he showed off an extensive collection of sneakers that sit over six shelves high. He also showed off some of the Stoney/Supreme collection he had as well as a bunch of stuff from the new OVO Collection. 

While giving us a brief tour on his closet, he says "Start packin' for tour soon. Crazy, hmm? New Supreme/Stoney. Mhmm... New OVO. All kinds... All Kiiiiinds." 

While it's not necessary for Drake to flex on everyone of us, he still does. The rapper recently moved into his Downtown Toronto condo a few months back. The rapper's been waiting for his mansion to be built which is reportedly located in one of Canada's most affluent areas. Since moving into his condo, he's been flexing the extravagant things in his life. Yesterday, he showed off a diamond encrusted statue that featured a child sitting in a Buddha-pose that's currently sitting in his condo. It was gifted by  luxury designer Ferris Rafauli, the same person who is currently designing Drake's mansion. 

At the end of the day, what's the flex really worth if you're not putting in the work at the same time? His condo has a direct view of the CN Tower and he's been using that as inspiration for sessions in his home studio