When Drake was given the key to the city of Toronto it clearly meant he was able to open any door he wants and one of those doors has given him special permission to break a city bylaw. According to CTV News, Drake has been permitted to build extra tall fences on the outside of his Toronto mansion for the sake of security concerns. 

“The amount of people that try to come onto this property during the day and at night is very, very significant,” Brad Rafauli, vice-president of the Ferris Rafauli Architectural Design Build Group said in a meeting. “Security is really left in his hands.” The city of Toronto doesn't allow residents to have fences taller than two meters (6.5 f). The "Feel No Ways" musician already spent $1 million on 20-foot cedar trees to line the home but apparently it's simply not enough. 

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

A representative attended the meeting on behalf of one of Drake's neighbor who's against the move but other than that, Brad stated that there's been "very little opposition."

“Everyone knows where he eats, where he sleeps, and that has really freaked him out,” he added. “Security is really, really high on the list.”