Drake has been improving his jewelry game over the last few years, using some of his fortune to fund his growing need for diamonds. The world-recognized rap artist has spent the last two or so weeks looking at potential additions to his collection, dropping $600,000 on two Tupac Shakur-inspired Jesus pieces. After that flex, he went back to the jeweler and asked for another piece to be made.

This time, Drake is coming through with a chain that describes his entire rap game persona. Known to have mob ties but still break hearts around the globe, the Grammy-winning recording artist spent another $300,000 on a chain from Jason of Beverly Hills. This one contains a diamond-encrusted Cupid figurine shooting his arrow while wearing a ski mask over his face. The bow is loaded with a golden rose.

If you've been keeping track, this new piece means that Drake has spent nearly one million dollars on chains in the span of a month. That's baller activity.

In addition to revealing the new pendant, Jason of Beverly Hills also showed how his team created the two Tupac pieces that Drake ordered, giving us an eye into the process of crafting a chain so expensive.

What do you think of it? Would you rock it?