Last year was the biggest year in Nipsey Hussle's career. The 33-year-old rapper was nominated for a Grammy Award after releasing one of the best hip-hop albums of the entire year. Hussle was truly a self-made superstar, working from the ground up and remaining authentic to himself and his city at all times until he finally gained recognition for his talents. He clawed his way to the top and it's so unfortunate to witness his life come to such an abrupt end. People like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and more of his close collaborators and friends have reacted to the news of his passing and Drake was one of the first to pen an emotional message to the Los Angeles artist, noting that they had plans to work together this summer.

Back in 2009, Drake and Nipsey Hussle collaborated on "Killer" and they were about to follow it up with some new heat this summer. Unfortunately, they never got a chance to link up though and Drake took a moment to remember all the amazing things he knew about Hussle. "Fuck. My whole energy is just at a low right now hearing this," said Drake after hearing of Nipsey's death. "We just linked for the first time in years and said we were gonna do a new song this summer cause it had been too long. You were having the best run and I was so happy watching from distance fam nobody ever talks down on your name you were a real one to your people and to the rest of us. I’m only doing this here cause I want the world to know I saw you as a man of respect and a don. Rest easy my g."

Drake is one of many to have posted a tribute to Hussle. Kendrick Lamar led his crowd in a moment of silence in Argentina while Snoop Dogg seemed genuinely shaken up in a video addressed to his family and Lauren London. Long Live Nipsey Hussle The Great.