As of this writing, Drake's birthday is only days away. If you're a close friend or family member of his, gift shopping must be the worst at this stage of the rapper's career. I mean, what do you get the man who, with a $90 million net worth (as reported in the spring of this year), has or could have seemingly anything he'd ever want? The answer, if you're his pal and luxury design magnate Ferris Rafauli, is simple: diamonds. Lots of diamonds. On a statue.

In a video clip that Drake shared as part of his Instagram story, you can see this bejeweled token of Rafauli's (platonic) love for the rap icon in all its splendor. Drenched from top to bottom in precious gemstones, the statue resembles a child, sitting in a Buddha-style pose, with a spiked mohawk hairstyle giving it an edgy, modern feel. There's no telling how much such a creation would've cost to purchase and/or custom make for the hip-hop superstar, but as far as we can tell, no cost was too great for Rafauli. The two go way back as well, with the designer lending his creative mind to the plans and overseeing of Drake's recent mansion constructions in Los Angeles and, to a lesser degree, in Toronto, Canada.

In other Drake-related news, the rumors about his latest dating ventures are heating up as he inches closer to celebrating his born day. According to the New York Post, the rapper is not dating actress Bria Vinaite, as the European-born beauty referred to their relationship as "just friends." However, that's not what the rumor mill continues to think, with social media selfies and late-night post-dinner walks where they were spotted hand in hand painting a very different picture. Conversely, Drake has also been linked to Bella Hadid, who has been supposedly seeing the Canadian music star on the down-low for a minute now. No confirmations of relationships have been made public by the rapper himself, but when you're gearing up for what should be an incredible memorable birthday celebration, why limit yourself?