We all know how Game loves to document every tattoo he gets, and in recent months, he's paid homage to many people through tattoos. Drake is not quite as vocal about his tattoos, but we did see him get a tattoo of one of his favorite artists, Aaliyah, back in 2011, and more recently, on November 18th, he showed off his tattoo of the letter "H" for Houston.

Now Drizzy has decided to pay tribute to another artist on his body, with a mini portrait of his dad, Dennis Graham. You may recognize his father from the "Worst Behavior" music video, where he swagged out in a pink suit alongside Drake's uncles, out in Memphis. 

Funnily enough, Drake decided to tattoo his father's mugshot for the portrait. The ink was done by Dr. Woo of Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood this past Saturday.

This latest tattoo is in addition to portraits of the previously mentioned Aaliyah, his grandmother, his mother and his uncle, all of which are on his back.

Check out images of the new tattoo and the original photo in the gallery above.

[via WordOnTheRoad]