Rumors have been circulating online over the past few weeks that Drake is looking to take his talents over to Adidas. Reports say that the 6 God is currently unhappy with his partnership with Jordan Brand and is looking for an exit in favour of a new deal that would offer him "more creative control”. Nice Kicks‘ creative director Nick DePaula, even reported that Drake’s negotiations wth Adidas were far along, and imminent to happen.

Since these rumors surfaced, we’ve seen Drake rocking Kanye West’s Yeezy Boosts, which is an Adidas endorsement, and now he has once again been spotted rocking more of the three stripes gear. On Wednesday night, Drizzy decided to upload two more photos on his Instagram page, both of which him show him rocking Adidas sweatpants.

The first pic shows him and Chubbs holding some big Fat Tuesday drinks from the Las Vegas restaurant while standing on a private plane, looking comfy as all hell in his Adidas pants & Patagonia sweatshirt. The second picture that Drake shares was of him walking by a Maybach and covering his face, while again rocking Adidas sweatpants. Both pictures are kinda pointless, unless Drizzy is trying to hint to us about his Adidas deal, which could very well be the case.

While we wait for the deal to be officially finalized and announced, check out the two latest posts from Drizzy (below) rocking the Adidas gear. Do you think Drake should join team Adidas?