Drake has established a small chunk of Toronto's current slang rotation. The terms that he has not created are carefully fixed into his vocabulary. Being a wordsmith, the rapper is always looking for new slang words to pop off and it looks like he's just found a new one.

Updating his Instagram Story, the King of the Six went and adopted a brand new phrase that may pop up in one of his upcoming singles.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"The English language has about 3,000 words to describe the state of being drunk. One of which is 'ramsquaddled,'" wrote the Uber Facts page on Twitter. A Toronto native prayed that the term never makes it to his hometown, noting that mans would definitely run with it hard.

"Don't let Toronto mans get a hold of this word," he wrote.

The exchange made it to Drake's page, who clearly feels the same way about "ramsquaddled" being the most Toronto word ever. Seriously, we can already see this becoming a huge thing in the city.

Drake recently made several appearances on Jay-Z's list of his favorite songs of the year so far. He is also currently still pushing his new mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which remains in high charting position.

Do you think Drake is about to inadvertently make "ramsquaddled" a thing?