Drake is known for being many things: rapper, actor, businessman, mogul and someone who likes to take awkward pictures with Nicki Minaj. However, one thing that has been almost an automatic as of late was seeing his name on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, a list he's consistently graced for several years running. Unfortunately, this week, that run comes to an end.

Beginning in 2009, Drizzy had at least one song grace the Hot 100 for an unprecedented and, really, probably unassailable record of 430 weeks in a row. As the saying goes, all good things must eventually come to an end and, for the chart dated the week of August 26th, that moment has happened. What did people do in that time period before Drake dominated the Hot 100? Maybe they learned the "Single Ladies" dance, lied about how many times they'd seen Twilight in theaters, or even listen to the sounds of "hot new artist" Lady Gaga. Seriously - that's how long it's been.

The obvious next question would be "why?" Why has Drake left the Hot 100? Will it be for an extended period of time? I supposed the answers to those queries, to a degree, depend on who you ask. Though there has been no official follow-up or any other information to be had, the rapper did say that he's working on a new album. At what stage the new project might be at, as in "almost done" or "not close to done," is being left up to the imagination at this point, but with a prolific release routine that he's kept up for most of this decade, there's no reason to think that Drake will make his fans wait a long time to hear some new material.

There's also the theory that he didn't promote More Life and certain songs therein as fully as he could have. Maybe a new single release on mainstream radio or a new music video to liven up his online presence would've extended his Hot 100 streak, but that project also seems to have worn its course with the public, at least for the time being. In any event, whenever Drake wants to bless the world with his new music, his fans will most definitely be ready to gobble it up.