This week has been pretty wild thus far on social media. Between the back-and-forth we've experienced from Young Thug's girlfriend Jerrika Karlae and YFN Lucci and all of 50 Cent's Tycoon Party shenanigans, our timelines have been popping for days. One page, which originally seemed to be pretty wholesome, banked on the fact that Drake would perform at a man's wedding after the singer allegedly set forth some guidelines in a direct message. A guy, who claimed to be getting married the next month, had asked Drake if he was willing to perform at the ceremony, to which Drizzy seemingly replied that if he got a million likes on the post, he would. After garnering more than he asked for, the post actually got back to Drake and he ended up exposing the man for being a fraud.

The recording artist updated his Instagram story with some evidence, proving that the @drake_wedding page was a hoax the entire time. "Hey Drake," wrote the fan before revealing that the whole thing was just a farce. "Sorry it blew up like this I’m a 16 year old from San Antonio and never meant for it to be like this. Huge fan of you. You can have my account if you want. I don’t know want to do."

"Instagram is a disturbing place," added Drake as a caption after resharing the screenshot of his inbox.

As of this publication, the page has deleted all of its existing posts and is claiming to have picked up a massive W in the process. The teen updated his story to read: "This is the biggest W of my life."

Enjoy your fifteen minutes while they last.