Drake celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday this weekend, partying alongside Offset, Future, Jack Harlow, and other stars. For Drake's friends, it may seem difficult to think of something to get the rapper every single year for his birthday, considering he can buy just about anything he wants. This year, Drake's manager Future The Prince managed to out-do himself, looking to the depths of his memory to find the perfect present for the Certified Lover Boy.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Telling a story about how Future The Prince bought him the same Rolls-Royce that he used to rent every month to "keep up appearances" when he was just starting out as a rapper in Toronto, Drake celebrated the bittersweet moment and said:

"Back in 2007 we used to finesse this Rolls Royce Phantom rental to convince people in the city we were destined to make it. I used to scrape together 5k a month somehow to keep up appearances. We whipped this to Ottawa to see @belly and @cashxo and to Montreal for my first show ever. I used to pick up @ovoniko and roll every day or wait outside @nebzilla class for her. Park outside 15 Fort York while me and @ovo40 and @oliverelkhatib would be upstairs cooking what would eventually become So Far Gone. Even though I don’t recommend putting yourself in financial trouble for material things I realize now that this was just my way of extreme manifesting. I needed to see it and feel it and have it to believe that I could see and feel and have anything I wanted. Today in 2021 my brother @futuretheprince tracked down the exact car I use to stress over and gifted it to me...it’s mine now. Manifestation complete. Thank you for all the love and appreciation and gifts and texts and dm’s…more than just loved I feel truly appreciated and that is the only gift I ever needed. TREY FIVE EASY MONEY DRIZZY. let’s get this shit. BLICK EMMMMMM."

Drake may have other Rolls-Royce vehicles in his collection, but this is the one that started everything. Check out Drake's amazing new birthday gift from his manager below.