Drake's feud with Kanye West is now being immortalized through the Toronto artist's tour merch. You may recall Kanye's interview earlier this year when he spoke about the Scorpion singer, saying, "It hits me in a really sensitive place because you, like, hang around people and they come to your house and be around your family and this and that, and then they get mad about a beat and then send you purple demon emojis." Almost immediately afterwards, Drake seemingly caught wind of the talk and posted a purple demon emoji to mess around with everybody. It seems as though Drake's pettiness doesn't end there as he has a little more in store for his rival.

Of course, there was that one lyric in French Montana's "No Stylist" which was pretty direct but this is definitely more of a subtle jab. Part of his new merch collection, fans can choose between a long-sleeve and a t-shirt version of the "Mob Ties" design. The product has the song title written on the torso with a purple demon emoji between both words and "Rap-a-Lot 4 Life" written in the back. Of course, there are other items being offered like a "Cold Blood" crewneck, a satin Scorpion jacket and branded basketball shorts. 

Whether or not this was actually intended as a Kanye diss, that's how it's being perceived. Are you copping any of the new merch? Check out the selection here