Drake had his Instagram followers trying their hand at comedy when he shared an image of himself looking visibly older with a caption that read: "Best caption wins ovo tickets." Considering how shockingly expensive this year's OVO tickets are, you can imagine how many people tried to whip up a hilarious line for a chance to score big. 


Since Drake shared the image, it now looks as if a string of other celebrities have joined in on the fun all thanks to FaceApp, a mobile application that has resurfaced since its previous popularity in 2017. The app uses AI to create realistic transformations of what people may look like years ahead, using various filters and specialized edits. 

Below, you can see the roundup of Dwayne Wade, Kevin Heart, Sam Smith, Ludacris and Scooter Braun's images of themselves looking well over 60-years-old. Scooter injected some humor into his share with a caption that reads "Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me." The statement is a clear reflection of his drama with Taylor Swift and how he's been holding up. 

Peep the images below and let us know how realistic you think they are.