Drake found himself in more legal trouble earlier this year after one of his fans, Amanda Giovacco, sued him, along with Live Nation and the Madison Square Garden after sustaining an alleged brain injury. Giovacco claimed that she “was violently struck by a beer bottle that was thrown while attending the DRAKE concert, was maliciously and without just cause or provocation, subjected to a battery.”

Drake has since responded to the lawsuit and wants it thrown out. The Blast reports Drake's denied any wrongdoing in the case. He argued any injuries sustained were based on Giovacco's conduct at the show. Additionally, he indicated that he's not an owner or operator of Madison Square Garden and has no control over the third parties hired for special events at the venue.

She accused Drake, the venue and the promoters of not having adequate security at the show. The woman also said in her lawsuit Drake and the others named did not take preventative measures. She says that they could've curbed “aggressive and/or violent behavior at the concert, they knew drake has history of violence at his concerts, providing a dangerous weapon at Drake’s concerts." 

Aside from the lawsuit, Drake's been pretty busy these days. He's readying the release of Top Boy Season 3 which arrives on Netflix this Friday. And rumor has it that he's also readying the release of a new project in November.