Drake is none too pleased with a publishing company that his intellectual property without his permission, let me explain. The company accused of copyright infringement goes by the name "Hebrew Hustle." In fact, it was they, "Hebrew Hustle," who struck first, suing Drake over an uncleared sample on "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2."

It would appear that Drake and his attorneys dug up dirt on their accusers, as a countermeasure. After completing their research into the matter, they found the found guilty of perpetuating racial and religious stereotypes. They also accused the company of "masquerading" as one of the rapper's professional contacts, based on Drake-related content they published on their official webpage.

So instead of being on the defensive, Drake is now at equal odds with the publishing company who struck first blood. And you could argue, that Drake has the "manpower" to tip the scale, judging by the level of his competition - his lawyers have already begun their character assassination by letting the company's listed name leak to the public. TMZ of all the outlets at Drake's disposal, was ready and willing to quote his team's the firmly stated position voiced in court.

"The very name of Hebrew Hustle is offensive, as it perpetuates stereotypes regarding persons of Jewish heritage, such as (Drake)," reads the open court letter before it goes into legal jargon. Drake is thereby seeking damages pertaining to "mental distress" and "humiliation" suffered through his association to the "offensive" Hebrew Hammer nameplate.