Drake decided to do another one of his random Instagram uploads Tuesday night where he shares a bunch of pictures at once, and from the looks of it fans can expect to get some more tunes for their head tops soon. 

In one of the IG pictures, Drake can be seen with a headset over his ears as he stands in front of the mic with the 6 God praying logo on the wall, alluding that he’s staying busy working on new music. Then, in his next upload, Drake shared a photo from some sort of music video shoot, as he sits in a chair and appears to be reviewing scenes from the video with famed director Karena Evans looking over his shoulder. It's unclear at the moment if this happens to be an older pic from the "God's Plan" video shoot, which Karena herself directed, or if it's something entirely new that's on the way, but we're hoping for the latter.

Just last week, Drake announced that his next single would be produced by Murda Beatz and would be coming soon. So who knows if these recent pictures have any relation to his next single or just more proof of him busy working, but it's nice to see Drizzy season is definitely coming soon.

Check out the couple pictures of Drake working (below) and let us know your thoughts. You ready for more Drizzy?