Rappers are collectors at heart, and Drake is no different in that regard. In fact, the man is a completionist to his core, having previously embarked on a quest to record a song in every documented dialect; the groundwork has been set, and "Spanish" has been officially crossed off the checklist. With success on that front progressing without impedance, Drake has set his sights on another ambitious cause: collecting the seven "bussdowns."

With his Thanos-esque quest in the early stages, Drizzy has hit up Instagram to provide fans with a progress report. "3 down. 4 to go," he writes, showing off his diamond-studded timepiece. Given hip-hop's admiration for iced-out wrists, Drake has clearly taken it upon himself to stake his claim. Perhaps he simply got tired of his tourmates, the Migos, boasting of their own collections on a nightly basis. 

Unfortunately, murmurs have whispered that none other than Pusha T holds possession of the final watch. Yet a man on a mission can be a fearsome sight to behold; can anything, or anyone for that matter, truly stand in his way?