When you're  21, living in California and just got out of a Drake concert, chances are you're going to be getting at least slightly turnt. That was definitely the case for Jose Canseco's daughter Josie, who had a little trouble trying to find the after party at the Delilah hotel in West Hollywood and, at one point, even gave the camera quite the eyeful.

According to TMZ, the young fashion model stumbled towards the hotel location after exiting a cab with a couple of her friends. She drunkenly tried to let herself into the building using the side door, but not before providing a little bit of butt flashing goodness for the gossip outlet's camera operator. Then, with the door locked, she eventually found her way in through the main entrance, but after the booze consumption, let's just say it took a second.

When asked what her New Year's resolution was, Josie replied, "To get "f**ked up!" As was mentioned before, she's 21, so let's not act like this behavior isn't something of a rite of passage, but still. The young woman, who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, sure had herself a memorable night on the town.

In other Drake news, the Canadian rapper's supposed tryst with Karrueche Tran back in 2014 may have been referenced by Brown, who publicly tried to out Tran for her infidelity on social media, in his new song "Him or Me." It's unclear whether or not such romantic moves were ever proved by the R&B singer or not, but when Breezy's involved, relationship drama isn't something that fades away quietly.