As Drake's reign on the Billboard Hot 100 continues with "God's Plan," it's safe to say the song is still hot as ever. It's hard to pull up to any club or function without the song being played and regardless how many times you've heard it, you're still going to sing, "she said do you love me?/ I told her only partly/ I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry," at the top of your lungs. The Canadian chart topper recently surprised fans at a French Montana show where the rapper came through to perform his latest single.

French Montana brought Drake out for a special performance of "God's Plan" during his show in Las Vegas over the weekend. The rapper told the fans in the crowd, "You gon' remember this night. It's gonna be a unforgettable fuckin' night. But hold on one second, I got my brother here." And of course, Drake pops out from the side and the fans go wild.

French Montana and Drake have a good record of making poppin' joints. Any time they hop on the same track together, it's automatically a smash for the clubs. "Pop That" and "No Shopping" still pop off any time they play and they constantly prove to be a solid pairing. Hopefully, we get more music from their in the near future.