Drake and Chris Brown have had a weird relationship for a minute now. The two have had on-again-off-again beef, mainly over their respective on-again-off-again romances with Rihanna, but most recently, they've gotten into it over a pre-existing feud between Drake and Tyga.

Chris wasn't really involved in the beef until a string of interviews over the weekend, where the singer made it clear that he's "not messing" with Drake, naturally taking Tyga's side (the two just recorded an album together, and are currently on tour).

Now it seems that Drake has fired back at Brown, in the most Drake way possible, a not-so-subtle, subliminal diss during one of his performances. While performing in Auckland, New Zealand, Drizzy reportedly changed a line in his new track, "Energy" to "I got R&B niggas that I gotta act like I like", replacing the original "RAP niggas" subject in the original quip. 

While he doesn't call Chris by name, there's only one R&B singer Drake could really be talking about here. We've yet to see footage of the diss, but Drake fan site Word On Road was there to catch the shot. 

 Is this the start of a back-and-forth between Chris Brown and Drake? Or is it likely to blow over? Let us know in the comments.