It's been a strenuous month for A$AP Rocky and two of his friends but they're finally coming home. The rapper was in the custody of Swedish officials for roughly a month after a video of the rapper and his two friends getting into an altercation surfaced online. He was arrested and charged with assault. Thankfully, a judge decided to release Rocky and his two co-defendants and allowed them to leave the country until a final verdict was handed down.

Drake took to Instagram to celebrate Rocky's release. Drake and Rocky undoubtedly have a great relationship, stemming back to the Harlem rapper's rise following Live.Love.A$AP. Drizzy shared a photo of Flacko with three raising hands emojis, seemingly praising the powers that be for bringing Lord Pretty Flacko back home. The thing is Drake has actually been relatively quiet over the past month, for whatever reason. But his celebration of Rocky's return sparked speculation among a few people that Drake might try to get Rocky to perform as a special guest at OVO Fest this Monday in Toronto. It seems unlikely but it would be monumental to see Rocky's first performance since his incarceration take place alongside Drake.

Drake wasn't the only person to celebrate Rocky's return. Donald Trump was one of the first to hit social media to acknowledge that Rocky would be coming home and even included two terrible puns in one sentence to bring the point home.