Imagine you’re shopping at the mall when all of a sudden you see a herd of security guards walking towards you and Drake happens to be in the middle of them. Well that was the case for some people on Tuesday when Drizzy was spotted walking around Lenox Mall in Atlanta.

Rockin’ an Adidas jumpsuit, Drake was seen roaming the mall Tuesday with some OVO members & some big security guards by his side. He visited the Apple Store for a little while, presumably taking care of something, but who knows what.

Surprisingly enough, Drizzy’s appearance didn’t cause a complete riot like you might expect, but it definitely had people stopping in their tracks to take video. In fact, their were some people on Twitter saying that employees were straight up leaving their stations & stores to see Drake.

Drake did take time out to snap some photos with some fans, but it appeared to be just another day for Drizzy overall. As we previously mentioned, Drake continued to tease his new deal with Adidas as he was once again seen sporting a black jumpsuit & Adidas shoes. 

Check out the fan-captured clips of Drake at Lenox Mall on Tuesday (below).