Rappers are used to having items thrown at them during their live performances, and Drake is so used to it by now that he just catches them and keeps the concert moving. A fan decided to shoot her shot at the rapper, hoping to grab his attention by flinging her bra in his direction. Drake was mid-verse, performing his chart-topping, City Girls-assisted, viral sensation jam "In My Feelings" when a red bra was hurled his way. 

In the video clip that was uploaded to Instagram, the hand holding the bra was close to the frame pre-launch. As a viewer, you can almost anticipate the moment when the person wanted to toss it, and without skipping a beat, Drake caught it one-handed. For a quick moment he stared at it, not knowing exactly what it was, but when the screams came from the person (and friends) responsible, he began to swing it around and he continued to perform. 

There's no way of knowing how many bras Drake's collected over the years, but there was a lucky lady in New Zealand who grabbed the Scorpion rapper's attention. In 2017, a large bra that seemed to appear out of nowhere made its way to the stage during Drake's performance. "I’m a single man and I need this 34F,” he joked with the crowd, telling the woman responsible for the undergarment, “I’ll talk to you later then."

Meanwhile, Drake's upcoming shows may see a slight difference than the previous ones, as it looks like he's removed his posthumous Michael Jackson Scorpion collaboration single, "Don't Matter to Me," from his setlist.