Earlier in the month, news broke out that OVO affiliate and Drake's long-time friend, Fif, had passed away. Drake shared the news on Instagram with a picture of Fif and a heartfelt message that read "RIP to one of our family members… our brother… I still can’t even believe this morning was real. It was a honor to have shared years together and I will always keep your memory alive Forever Fif." Fif was shot multiple times and killed in the lobby of an apartment in Toronto's east end. He was buried over the weekend where Drake was one of the pallbearers at the funeral.

In a report from TMZ, Drake attended the funeral at Ogden Funeral Home in Toronto before heading to the burial at Duffin Meadows Cemetary, where he buried his friend. In their report, they say Drake did not speak at the procession and kept to himself for the majority of the service. In the video footage, you could tell that Drake was in deep-mourning. 

A few days after Fif's death, Drake got a portrait of Fif tattooed on him. 

Last week, the Toronto Police Services released graphic footage of the fatal shooting. More recently, they released footage of the outside of the building during the time of the shooting. The police have yet to find any of the suspects involved in the crime.

Toronto Police have been trying to get in contact with Drake to help them find witnesses to the crime, an effort that has not been successful. In a report from the Toronto Star, Toronto Police Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux, who's in charge of Fif's investigation, told the newspaper in an e-mailed statement that he'd like to encourage Drake to try and help them solve the case.

"I would hope if Drake was a real and true friend that he would encourage anyone with information that pertains to the murder of a close friend to share that information with the police with a mind to protecting the community and bring justice to the deceased’s family" The quote read.

As of now, there isn't much more information that has come forth in terms of Fif's murder but we will keep you updated as we receive more news.

Watch the clip below: