Drake's dad is more his buddy than a fatherly figure, in consonance with everything we've been told to believe. But that's okay no need to sugarcoat, the Graham hereditary line has provided Aubrey plenty of inspiration in his adult life. That's why he makes time for his dad, and on occasion, a few of his dad's buddies, all of whom keep the ring finder unoccupied when day turns into night, like father like son or birds of a feather.

Aubrey's latest showing of appreciation for his pops came to us in the wee hours of the morning, with glasses of chardonnay in hand. Inevitably only Dennis and his son were pouring up, but the three other fellas looked ready to have their tab paid off, starting with the gentleman to Dennis' right with the British Tan vest with pants to match. To Drake's left are two other gents with the type of vacation outfits you save for the last dance.

Drake posted the amiable portrait with a caption encouraging his Instagram followers to "name the band," like you would a photo where everyone is dressed to the nines, like a rhythm and blues group from the late sixties. How would you name this boy band -- would you cut their first single?

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