Since the release of HBO's Leaving Neverland, it feels like open season to dance on the Jackson grave. Many have taken to their various platforms o choice to voice their displeasure with Jackson's troubled legacy, with some radio stations going for far as to impose a nationwide airwave ban. Even the creative team behind The Simpsons pulled their classic "Stark Raving Dad" episode, which gave us the iconic "Happy Birthday Lisa" song, sung by Michael himself. In any case, it's open season on the late Jackson, despite protestations from T.I, and it won't be surprising to see more people begin to distance themselves.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Given the delicate nature of the situation, one has to wonder about the fate of Drake's posthumous collaboration with MJ, the Scorpion single "Don't Matter To Me." While Drake clearly stands by the song, given his role in creating it, it seems as if he's opting to play it cautiously for now. A recent report indicates that Drizzy omitted the single from his Assassination Vacation kickoff date in Manchester. For some context, the song was performed at twenty-five stops of 2018's Aubrey & The Three Amigos tour, and went so far as to receive the music video treatment.

To be fair, we can surmise that the social climate isn't entirely pro-Jackson right now, and Drake has always moved with a degree of savvy. Though some may mourn the loss of "Don't Matter To Me," Drake appears to be implementing "Peak" into his setlist, which marks a first for the beloved Canadian.