It's a good time to be Drake right now (although, when has it ever not been?). He's that much richer after winning a big bet with fellow rappers Quavo and 2 Chainz following Alabama's win in the CFB National Championship Game and, staying with the sports angle, his three point short and overall abilities on the court have improved vastly after working with a well-renowned coach. However, his supposed NBA-themed body art was what drew the attention of certain Twitter users yesterday.

Sporting a high school-era LeBron James jersey, the above selfie was of particular interest to self-admitted Drizzy stan Jovan Buha, who works for ESPN. Specifically, he was curious about the tattoos that the Six God had etched onto his left forearm, with the theory being that they paid homage to Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, two of the world's premier hoops players of the moment. The ink jobs, depicting nickname and number combos, can be vaguely seen below.

An ESPN colleague of Buva's, Nick DePaula, provided an explanation of sorts for the tattoos and confirmed that they were indeed intended to pay tribute to the Warriors teammates. You can see his response in full below.

Though it's hard to get a clear idea of the tattoos from Buva's Twitter image, the below Drake Instagram post helps to provide more clarity. The tattoo on the right is clearly Durant's, with his No. 35 and allusion to his Sniper nickname (which was formerly his social media handle) clearly visible. Curry's is a little less in focus, but the number is still pretty clear. Check out the picture below and see for yourself.