After cancelling his scheduled appearance only a few hours in advance, Drake apologized to attendees of Monsters and Men's TIFF screening in a video message Thursday night.

"I wish I could be there to share this moment," he said, acknowledging those left disappointed by his absence, according to a report from The Toronto Star. "Unfortunately I’m on tour right now."

The explanation for his no-show seemed slightly curious, as his appearance had been announced only two weeks prior, with the rapper' tour schedule already laid out. Thursday marked a one-night break between shows in Montreal and Boston.

Though he could not make the opening night event, which marked the Canadian premiere of the film and cost over $100 a ticket, Drake, who's listed as an executive producer on the movie, stated how important its message is to him. "I’m just very excited and honored to be part of something that continues a conversation in this day in age," he said. The film revolves around a police shooting that kills a black man in Brooklyn and its aftermath, following various witnesses and others affected by the tragedy.

Drake is said to have thanked director Reinaldo Marcus Green in his message as well.

Watch the trailer for the film below.