With VIEWS only a few weeks away, Drake is gearing up for for release day, taking to Instagram to announce a special event in New York this afternoon. Drizzy didn't share all that much info outside of an address and a time (135 Bowery at 4PM), along with the cryptic caption, "Compliments of the Company". 

KTT has uncovered some Instagram posts that appear to show the venue in which the event will take place, and it looking like something of a pop-up shop. Nothing has been confirmed, but it seems that new merch much like the VIEWS shirts we've seen the rapper rocking recently will be available.

Fan site Word On Road has posted the same image as Drake, saying "Head on down to get your #VIEWS shirts!". Can we assume that "Compliments of the Company" means the merch will be free of charge?

Check out Drake's posts, as well as those from the aforementioned Instagram user below. Will you be making it out to the event?

Head on down to get your #VIEWS shirts!