There are few artists that elicit such a reaction with the mere announcement of an album. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and others will always bring the internet to its most hype stages with the announcement of new music and Drake enjoys the same privileges. Yesterday, Drake surprisingly hinted at a new album arriving in June of this year with a photo of a scorpion pendant and an image of himself rocking a "Scorpion" branded jacket. As always, madness ensued on social media as supporters of the Canadian artist rushed to express their elation that they only have to wait two more months.

Drake's stans took the news incredibly well, trying to find ways for the next 60 days to pass by as quickly as possible. With support comes distaste though, and Drizzy's haters made sure to not be spoken over as they will also be tuning in for their chance to slander the project in June. If "Summer Sixteen" were Drake's time, it's looking like a repeat is in order in the upcoming warmer months with the drop of "Scorpion" just in time to make everyone's pool party playlists. With a release month announced, speculation now begins as to the exact date the 6ix God plans to bless his fans with the new project.

Check out some of the greatest initial reactions to the news, from fans and haters alike, and let us know how you took the news in the comments.