Though Drake has just been hit with new rumors involving a budding romance with his More Life collaborator Jorja Smith, he ran into an old flame this weekend, as he and Rihanna somehow ended up at the same children's birthday party in L.A. 

Whosever birthday it was, the lucky toddler was able to get two of music's biggest stars to crash his or her party. It's also unclear if the parents warned either Drake or RiRi to expect the other's presence at the gathering. 

Another attendee was able to capture footage of Rihanna walking into the backyard. Funnily enough, the song that plays during her entrance is Drake's "Can't Have Everything." After filming RiRi greeting the kids in the ball pit, the same attendee turned his camera toward Drake, who was sitting against a wall by himself with a drink in hand. 

Though only a brief snippet of the afternoon made it onto social media, Drake does look rather uncomfortable as he finds himself on the same patio as his ex. There's no word on if the "Too Good" collaborators ever got close enough for an official hello.