Fornite may be the most popular game in the nation right now. The battle royale style game captivated players with its innovative gameplay, addictive battles, and colorful characters. Combining mining with building and aggressive gunplay, Epic Games created the new gaming addiction. Just two weeks ago, Drake hopped online with Ninja, a renown video game streamer, to play Fornite live. Along with Travis Scott, Drizzy and Ninja broke the record for concurrent viewers.

Drake and Ninja's Fornite streaming record didn't last very long though. 6 God was beaten out by one of the world's most famous Youtubers, elrubiusOMG. elrubius, who hails from Spain, has the 7th most subscribed channel on Youtube in the world with 28 million subscribers. He has garnered over 6.2 billion views, and has 11 million followers on Twitter.

According to Comicbook, yesterday (March 25) elrubius hosted a grand streaming event, where he invited 99 other Spanish speaking streamers to broadcast a massive live streaming event. Each participant broadcasted the game to their own separate audiences, but elrubius brought in 1.1 million viewers on his own. That almost doubles the 635,000 viewers that Drizzy and Ninja pulled in. Those numbers only reflect elrubius' stream, and the other 99 players' numbers have yet to be accounted for.


elrubius has an estimated worth of $5.5 million.