The Grammys will be attracting less star power this year. That's because Drake, Kanye West and Justin Bieber have all reportedly declined to attend the awards gala. Specifics weren't given as to why Kanye West, who's nominated for eight Grammys, could be a no-show in 2017.

TMZ reports The Life of Pablo rapper feels the Recording Industry's awarding system is out of wack. Though he's laid claim to 21 statuettes over the span of his career, West never won when he went head-to-head with a white singer. 

Drizzy has eight nominations as well and the Biebz, four. While Drake is currently on a tour in Europe that's been riddled with production setbacks, sources claim Bieber too thinks the awards show has stumbled into irrelevancy and doesn't recognize the younger generation's musical innovations. Months ago, Yeezy threatened to skip the show if Frank Ocean wasn't nominated. Meanwhile, the Blonde singer didn't even bother submitting his critically-acclaimed album for a Grammy.