As the Bucks and Raptors continue to square off in the NBA playoffs, a pair of rap icons found themselves embroiled in a friendly rivarly. Hip-hop power couple Big Guwop and Keyshia Ka'oir happened to be in attendance of game five, holding it down courtside for the Milwaukee Bucks; the love did not go unnoticed by the team, who shouted out the Wopsters via Twitter. Yet given the much-publicized outcome of the Toronto Raptor's recent victory, the tension between both fanbases has been at an all-time high. Much has already been made of Drake's wild courtside antics, though everything has remained within the realm of healthy competition. At least, for now.

In any case, Drake and his former collaborator Gucci took a moment to exchange a few playful shots on IG, adding another layer of spectacle to the unfolding rivalry. Upon declaring his staunch loyalty to the bucks, Guwop found himself the recipient of some Drake trollery, who hit his loyalty with several uproarious emojis. Ever the wise man, Guwop responded with a potent idiom, and one that may very manifest should the Drake curse truly hold water: "laugh now cry later."

Maybe they should hit the booth when all is said and done. It's been a minute since "Both," has it not?