The rumours surrounding the possibility of another team-up between Drake and Future are about to run rampant. This week, an open casting call was announced for actors in the Atlanta area, asking for people who fit several different profiles to show up and audition for a role in the clip. Needing bodies to fill out a kitchen’s staff at a restaurant, actors are also needed to portray phone store patrons. Upon further inspection, it appears as though the video director is working on something for Drake and Future, which has everybody praying that the sequel to What A Time To Be Alive is on the way.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Destination Casting let the announcement slip as they searched for suitable characters to fill out the background. Of course, Drake and Future will be the main stars of the show and, if the positions they’re casting for reflect the song’s lyrical content, we’re on the way to getting a new track about food and phones. Perhaps the next “Hotline Bling” is coming?

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that WATTBA2 is officially on the way, more collaborations between Pluto and the 6ix God have fans assuming that we’re in store for something special in the new year. What do you think is about to be unleashed on us?