As we saw from GQ's documentary on Magic City, you can't go into the place without hearing a dozen Future songs (though that's true pretty much everywhere this year). Of course, Esco serving as the strip club's official DJ probably plays a role in the number of times "Freak Hoes" rings out in the club, but either way, there's nowhere in the world the rapper is worshiped more -- so it only made sense that Future would bring Drake through to experience it.

In what seems to be the confirmation of a beautiful friendship between Drizzy and Hendrix, the two lit up Magic City Monday night, showing up unannounced as fans in attendance freaked out on social media. 

One of the clips that made its way online shows Future vibing out with his signature cowboy hat, taking in "March Madness," which we're sure resembled how much of the night went.

Check out some tweets from witnesses to this glorious event below. Think we'll be getting more new music from Drake and Future soon?