Drake and French Montana have been good homies for a few years now, and today we get a look into their bromantic escapades. Reported via Instagram, French Montanta and Drake follow a strict code called the 10 Snipe Commandments, and French has had this code of ethics enshrined for his house. Here's what French had to say about it: "These are the 10 snipe commandments. Finally got it to my house. Written by my bro @champagnepapi and overviewed by me. The Rules We Live By... Disregard these rules if you're fully committed."

The 10 Snipe Commandments resemble a classic bro code between homies, but because it's French and Drizzy, it's more important to pay attention. Here are the commandments as seen in the IG post:

1. Thou shall never pillow talk or discuss business with a ting
2. On any import from the United States, Canada, Europe or any other region thou shall practice a maximum three day export rule to avoid frustration
3. Thou shall always be honest with his brother about a splash
4. Thou shall never tell a ting about another mans splash in order to execute his own splash
5. Thou shall only splash unprotected if the ting is a must splash or you are too fry or you trust the vibe or you plan to keep the vibe for a minimum of 6 months with 4 interactions within the allotted time period
6. Thou shall always lie to protect a brothers reputation or chance of a splash conversion in the near or distant future 
7. Thou shall be allowed to hunt in all jungles unless a trespass has been enforced verbally
8. Thou shall always provide splash accommodations for a brother within his household
9. Thou shall use communication with a brother to avoid being blindsided by other hunters and poachers
10. Thou shall NEVER use a hand to hand currency exchange to guarantee a splash unless hunting in exotic locations

Check out the original IG post below, and let us know in the comments section if all of this makes sense to you. A "splash" is sex by the way.