Drake has always been a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors and whenever he has some spare time, he heads to the Scotiabank Arena to take in some games. Last night, the Raptors took on the Philadelphia 76ers and were able to win the game, 101-96. Ever since their last playoff run, Drake has been quite the good luck charm and the team looks as though they can do some real damage this year, even with some of their biggest stars missing games due to injury.

After the match, Drake went to the players' area and got to snap a quick picture with Fred VanVleet who has emerged as one of the most exciting players on the team. The two were with VanVleet's young daughter and as you can from the image below, someone decided to hit them with the elusive photobomb.

Of course, it was none other than Kyle Lowry who is currently out of the Raptors lineup with a hand injury. Lowry is arguably their best player but despite his absence, they continue to win games. Based on Lowry's goofy grin here, you can tell the team is having a lot of fun this season and with a record of 12-4, it's easy to see why.

If the Raptors keep winning, we're sure we'll see Drake at even more games. Hopefully, we can see partake in another magical playoff run.