DJ Khaled ran into a "situation" on his jet ski today. Anyone who remembers the incredible saga of Khaled getting lost at sea will have at least a hint of deja vu watching the DJ's latest ordeal. Khaled found himself at a blockage of trees while cruising around Tuesday, which is when he started to document his attempt to navigate his way through the rough terrain. 

Very quickly, Khaled found himself stuck on a branch, which he decided to turn into a life lesson. "To be honest, the only reason I'm documenting this... In life there's road blocks, and we have to overcome... The key is 'don't panic.'"

Eventually, he cut his hand and leg as he tried to free himself, but made sure to stick to his rule and did not panic. However, he did make sure his followers knew the severity of the situation: "This is not a joke ting." 

While he was trapped, he took some time to FaceTime Asahd.

After some struggles, Khaled was able to overcome the obstacle, and from there, he headed straight to the home of his good friend Diddy, who had some questions.

"What happened today?," said Diddy, who couldn't contain his laughter. "I tried to take the secret route, and the secret route had a bunch of trees, I tried to go around it... I cut my whole leg up," he said, showing Puff his battle scars. "Damn, that look like the Wolverine got into that ass," replied the Bad Boy mogul.

Right after that, he and Diddy were on jet skis, asking Drake to come along for the ride.

It's not clear what happened from there, but chances are, Khaled will be taking a different route home. Revisit Khaled's classic jet ski journey from 2015 here.