Every so often, it tends to feel like a recurring state of "The People Vs. Chris Brown" carries into the zeitgeist. Following up a public shaming from the indie band CHVRCHES, many of Chris' darker moments were put on full display, prompting people to react accordingly. It didn't take long for his prominent supporters in the game to spring to his defense, including both The Game and Justin Bieber. And while a statement is one thing, a collaboration serves equal purpose in validating loyalty. It was recently revealed that Drakewould be appearing on Breezy's Indigo, and now a first look at their upcoming track has surfaced.


The track itself seems to draw from Drake's melodic toolkit, which might serve to mildly irritate the Scorpion Side B haters. Yet Drake has proven himself to make music for many demographics, and it's not surprising to see his Chris Brown collaboration take on a more emotional quality. We're not sure whether this track is indeed confirmed for the upcoming Indigo, but all signs seem to suggest a yes on that count.

What do you think, given the snippet above? Do the pair have a hit on their hands, or is simply destined to cruise on name-brand recognition alone?